Kal Ng


Born in Hong Kong, graduated with an architecture degree at the University of Oregon. Master Degree in Comparative Literature and PhD in Architecture at Hong Kong University. Kal has worked in both the architecture and film production disciplines.


In Architecture he has worked as designer and interior renovator for projects in Toronto, Hong Kong and China, including new museum design in Guanghan Sanxingdui, Sichuan.


In the 1990, he was active in the Canadian independent film scene and made 16mm black and white feature film. Stories of Chide the Wind - The Soul Investigator, which was selected to the Film Forum at 1995 Berlin International Film Festival.


In 1997 he repatriated back to Hong Kong to witness the hand over and subsequently founded the independent filmmaker co-op Ying E Chi with several liked minded filmmakers. In 1999, his second feature film Dreamtrips, written and produced by him with funding from the Canada and Hong Kong and shot in anamorphic wide screen, was invited to the Toronto International Film Festival and The Hong Kong International Film Festival. The film was commercially screened at the Cine Art and Broadway Cinematheque.


In 2002 he founded his own company KGE LAB, specialized in creating architectural media such as animation and visualization, bridging his work in architectural design and film production.

Ballroom One, a digital animation was featured as the top 10 semifinalist film in 2006 FEIDAD award.


From 2004 to 2009 he finished his M.phil and PhD researches, focusing on the film worlds of Antonioni and Hitchcock and the techniques of showing cinematic space in architectural animations. While writing his dissertation titled Architectural Cinema, he also found time in screenwriting original film scripts.




KGE LAB company profile

KGE LAB was founded by Kal Ng to specialize on digital animated film creations. His expertise in ultra realistic spatial depiction in his training of architectural visualization has assisted him in realizing his film ideas and opening up a world of possibilities for digital filmmaking in the new era. He specialized in digital set design and environmental creation using industrial grade software.








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